One shot 00: 42, 2003

Color Single Channel Video
Series of 5

This video was created by a feeling of anxiety and insecurity, a lack of certainty. We are all at the mercy of fate. The video opens with the silhouette of a gun that rotates on itself, just like the game appealed to the cowboy. Similarly, fate plays with our destiny, with our lives, very lightly. The shape of the gun is nothing like the shape of the sky cropped from the buildings. There is no more shelter, even from the sky.

Courtesy: Visualcontainer Italian Videoart Distributor

Italianità: un moleschino italiano a cura di COlogne Off e Visualcontainer, ARTELES, Tampere, Finlandia

Italianità: un moleschino italiano a cura di Cologne Off e Visualcontainer, ARAD ART MUSEUM (Arad, Romania)

Idoli Pagani/Idoli Digitali – a cura di Visualcontainer, Museo Pagani, Castellanza, Varese

Unimovie 8 – Museo Lab ex-manifattura tabacchi – Cinema Massimo, Sant’Angelo, Pescara

VIDEOIT, a cura di Mario Gorni, Francesco Poli, Elena Volpato,
ESPACE, Torino,
Bicocca, Milano

Hertzoscópio – Festival de Arte Experimental e Transdisciplinar – Fábrica da Pólvora de Barcarena, Lisboa, Portugal