Artist / Curator /Media art Lecturer /Creative Advisor

Co-founder and art director of Visualcontainer Italian Videoart Platform (b.2008) which includes the first Italian video art Distributor (b.2008), VisualcontainerTV International Videoart web channel (b. 2009) and [.BOX] Videoart Project Space based in Milan (b.2010)

Since 2008 as Art Director, curator and researcher on these projects focused on audiovisual experimental practices and new media researches, I have been working on cultural exchanges programs with international festivals, museums, universities and public and independent art organizations from all over the world, also representing and curating more than 80 Italian and international artists of Visualcontainer distributor.

Often, invited for lectures and talks about video art, new media, audiovisual distributing field and digital media curatorial paths.

As a multimedia artist, since 2000, my research is currently evolving into the new digital media aesthetic and philosophical scenarios based on media, plus art theories based on the visual culture that working with video libraries and collective memories. The other side of my research is theoretically based on the representation of the media itself.

Since 2014 I teach Multimedia Languages, Theories of the Audiovisual and Mass Media, and Theories of creative video-editing to the European Academy of Fine Art of Media (ACME) Novara, Italy, and as a guest lecturer in many university and academy in Italy and abroad.