Stars 05:17, 2003

B/n Installation Single Channel
Series of 5

In this project, we are at the presence of a starry sky with blinking stars, but such relaxing scenery and any positive attitude towards a future by the starlight evolve into a catastrophic event.
This video could represent several metaphors, one of which is the decay of any dream or prospective design, everything happens by chance. Stars fall upon us and little by little the sky is collapsing…getting us hypnotized by psychedelic and disorientating effect.

Courtesy: Visualcontainer Italian Videoart Distributor

“Phenomena” Subtle Technologies Festival, When the Eye Flickers (Quando l’Occhio Trema), Toronto, 2011

Quando l’Occhio Trema, il flicker tra cinema video e digitale – DOCVA Documentation center for Visual Arts, Milano, 2009

LINGUAGGI…festival nazionale della performance (2^ edizione – 2003)
Museo d’Arte Moderna Vittoria Colonna. Pescara, 2003