2050 video installation, 2019

Video art installation by Alessandra Arnò,
footage from “Hunger Solutions” by Luca Locatelli
4K video, colour, 4’ 11’’ 2019

A journey took on for the first time by the human eye through the robotic gaze.  Technological evolution as seen by the machine arises as to the only solution for survival in the near future. The deranging landscape of agro production is already in reality. Planet Earth, the year 2050

This installation is based on the photographic series of Luca Locatelli “Hunger Solutions” – winner of 2018 World Press Photo Contest, Environment, Stories, 2nd prize.

Premiere 2020
Countryside, The Future – Rem Koolhaas + Samir Bantal (AMO) + OMA
Solomon R. Guggenheim NY
February 20, 2020  – August 14, 2020