Test pattern: BLACK FOREST, 2020

Ai Generative video – Machine Learning Training – 1:00, 2020
Training Image Experiment – StyleGAN trained on Forest + Faces Data Sets Generative and creative ML’s aesthetic representation

TEST PATTERN: BLACK FOREST is an auto-generative video based on ML training on 2 datasets: Forest and Faces.
The idea was born during the last lockdown in Italy, thanks to a friend who sent me an audio file about the Black Forest sounds—to alleviate the containment.

Using the media as an auto-representative fact, I tried to develop a memory of the machine about the external world, particularly the Black Forest scenario.

The datasets are about Forest (1500 img), and people faces (1500 img). After two hours of training, the architecture of the forest was modified by facial features, giving back a new machine’s imaginative scenario. The sound of the black forest is the soundtrack that recollects generative image memories to reality.


BFI – British Film Institute – London – UK

Group Exhibition / Screening Video

Wolf & Galentz Gallery, Berlin – Germany – 2023
303 Project, Suffolk – UK – 2022
Contemporary Art Ruhr, Zeche Zollverein, Berlin – Germany 2021