Earth – 2010 3:14, 2010

Color, Single Channel Video
Series of 5

In Earth instead, there was a post-atomic landscape, where technology is used to spy and science no longer controls its side effects and disastrous, where the media overexposure of the individual becomes an instrument of control and filing. Where nature is partly survived and lost his energy. Where everything is motionless.
What is returned is an image of a dying planet, and humanity looks down this disturbing scenario projected into the unknown, into the dark space, fascinated by this new technological faith.

Courtesy: Visualcontainer Italian Videoart Distributor

OODAAQ Festival, Moltitude_solitude a cura di Visualcontainer, Rennes, France

SPACES + CHARACTERS = Videoart Screenings a cura di VISUALCONTAINER Italian Videoart

Platform, AAM Arte Accessibile, Milano

Night of Museums and Galleries a cura di Visualcontainer – Plovdiv BULGARIA

Solo show, Bulart Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria