Ios – Endless sunset Local server-based ambient hacked 2life 2017

Endless sunset is the contemplation of an infinite amount of time generated by the server. Time as a category becomes relative to the machine and the spectator and the time lived in the contemplation of astronomical time is real, its generation is virtual.

The point of contact between these two timelines is the gaze of the spectator, who contemplates an avatar that in turn admires a sunset in a virtual environment and susceptible to the apparatus that generates it.

Exactly as in the romantic opera Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer by Caspar David  Friedrich, the avatar scrutinizes the virtual horizon and the viewer duplicates the contemplative dimension of the whole representation in the real one.

The temporal dimension is duplicated and the gap between the virtual time scanned by the machine and the real-time of contemplation is reduced by putting the two dimensions in dialogue.

November 2017