Test Pattern: DANGER 2020

TEST PATTERN: DANGER – Ai Generative video – 0:45, 2020

The video was edited using an AI morphing tool, and the sound was created by processing each AI-generated image with an image-to-music algorithm. Thus, the artwork’s visuals and sound were created using AI technology.

The video “Test Pattern: DANGER” was created using AI to challenge the text-to-image algorithm from another perspective. Typically, these algorithms are trained to generate images based on words representing tangible objects and scenarios. However, this experiment took a different approach by using words related to feelings and abstract concepts. Conducted in 2020, the project utilized the Runway platform and the first-generation ATTNGAN, yielding intriguing and unexpected results.

In a surprising twist, when the algorithm was prompted with the term “danger” and its synonyms, the resulting images did not convey a sense of danger or discomfort. The only visual reference to the concept of danger was the colour orange, a hue often associated with toxic substances and highway cones. Instead of producing menacing or unsettling visuals, the algorithm generated visually pleasant images connected to the aesthetic of contemporary art.

This experiment highlighted an interesting computational error: the algorithm’s failure to grasp the emotional weight of the concept of danger. Rather than producing ominous or foreboding imagery, it created aesthetically pleasing representations. This outcome underscores the current limitations and challenges in training AI to accurately understand and depict abstract emotional concepts.

“Test Pattern: DANGER” is a compelling example of how artificial intelligence, art, and expectations intersect. It demonstrates how AI works in stress mode, reveals unexpected aesthetic patterns, mimics human creativity, and explores new forms of artistic expression. The project also raises important questions about the role of algorithms in interpreting and representing complex human emotions.

Group Exhibition / Screening Video

ADAF – Annual International Digital Arts Festival, Athens – Greece 2024
Sitka Gallery, Shirley – MA USA 2024
NOASS Art Center – Water Canal Festival, Riga – Latvia 2023
New Dawn Arts Center – Ashburnham (MA) – USA 2022
Play, Semana de Videoarte, Corrientes – Argentina 2022
Hirvitalo Center for Contemporary Arts, Pispala – Finland 2022
Bridlington Contemporary Art Gallery, Bridlington – UK 2022
Duerr Galleri, 12 Nov – 12 Dec – Sweden – Stockholm 2020
Alkatraz Gallery 28 May – 19 June – Slovenia – Ljubljana 2020